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The Raven's Quill

Fine Erotic Fan Fic and The Like

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About Me

Hi. I've been a professional fiction writer for a long time, but I write fanfic for fun. I used to be in the closet about it, but no closet has ever held me for very long. (I am a bisexual, polyamorous, BDSM switch, in a longstanding relationship with my S.O.--going on 21 years now). To the people who ask why I'm "wasting" my writing talent and "demeaning" myself by writing fanfic I ask in return: do you call it a demeaning waste when a professional ballet dancer wants to dance at a wedding? Or at a disco? Didn't think so. Does it violate a dancer's professional ethics? Not in the least.

I've taught at various HP and science fiction conventions about making the jump from fanfic to pro (although I did it backwards, not getting into fic writing until after I'd been a pro for well over a decade, I think I can offer some perspective to those trying to do it the more traditional direction...). It's my belief that fanfic writers participating in their fandom, in activities like fests, gift exchanges, and beta-reading for each other, are better equipped to be professional writers than most graduates of MFA in Writing grad schools.

I don't put my professional name on this profile solely for the reason that this is a place for fun, not work, and in general this is not so much a place for me to try to garner new readers for my pro fic as to participate as a fan with other fans. (However, various posts about my pro fic do appear from time to time. I try to remember to f-lock them, but I fail. Anyway, it's not a secret, merely that this journal is not a recruitment & marketing tool.)

All About Fic and Fandom

This journal is all for posting fic and fandom-related things, including reviews of cool media I have consumed, squeeing over photos, amusing Youtube links, etc... My major fandom is Harry Potter, but all kinds of other sf/f stuff might pop up. I've written several Hikaru no Go fics now, too. Don't be surprised if at some point Gankutsuou, Full Metal Alchemist, or the Temeraire books show up here, too.

Disclaimer: The fan fiction I write and post here is 100% not copyrighted by me, the characters don't belong to me, and I am making no money from fanfic. This is purely a way for me to enjoy being a fan of Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, and other media I enjoy.

If you are under the age of seventeen, eighteen, or whatever the correct age for your country is, please respect the rules regarding ratings. Much of what I write is explicitly erotic and I rate it "NC-17." If you're not supposed to be reading it, DON'T. Warnings and ratings appear on all my fics that need them (which is most of them).

Age Statement: As for me, I am absolutely over the age of 18, over 21, and old enough to not only rent a car but run for President of the United States. That's as much as I shall say on that subject.

My fics tend to center around Harry, Draco, and Snape in various combinations, as these three are my favorites. You'll also see Lucius once in a while. We might sometimes see other characters popping in though, as plot bunnies do spawn...! My styles range from angst to humor to literary to light.

I find fanfic fascinating for the opportunity to see so many different facets of the same characters, the same situations, and how they can still create so many different outcomes.

I sometimes write meta essays and lit crit analysis of the HP books, too. Ravenna is my fannish pseudonym because I thought I was a Ravenclaw. My fellow Slytherins at Harry Potter conventions convinced me, however, that I'm very definitely a Slytherin. I'd say therefore that I'm a Slytherclaw: I over-intellectualize everything in order to get ahead?

Master List

Follow this link to the Masterlist of all fics by Ravenna C. Tan to get an index and links to all stories to be easily read: Ravenna's Masterlist of Fics

I have many of my fics archived at various sites around the WWW like The Archive at the End of the Universe, Skyehawke, HP Fanfiction, Adult Fanfiction.net, and Hex Files/Ensnared, but I have been haphazard about getting them all out there. And almost none of the drabbles are out there.

Mod Info

I'm a moderator or co-mod of the following communities:
hp_tarot: A Harry Potter fic and art fest with a tarot theme. We've been through two fest rounds and I hope to do a third.
drapery_snarco: A fest for fic and art on the ultimate threesome: Draco/Snape/Harry! (Also mirrored on InsaneJournal.)
hp_mirror: HP Mirror Mirror, a fic fest for remixing slashfics from a different character's point of view from the original fic. First round of this fest hasn't started yet (2010) as there's a glut of fests right now...
veiledintention: I was a player-mod at the RPG Community "Visible Infinity" whose plot came to a resolve a few years ago, so is no longer active.

Awards and banners and stuff:

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